For Corporation

For the moment we have at the main building Kalypso 24 one bedroom rooms available that can stay up to five 5 persons plus 17 Studio rooms that can stay 2 persons. We have also 13 studios that can stay up to 3- 4 persons next to the main building. The rest of the 140 rooms have guarantee contracts with other companies working with us for several years.

At Fedra Hotel we to have 12 months Long stayers but this year we will go different so is available 30 one bedroom rooms (they can stay up to 4- 5 persons plus 21 one studios(2 persons in each room). No company has still sign any contract for Fedra.

For winter tourism all our hotels have there repeated tourist staying 3 to 6 months or even yearly.For winter we have plenty of rooms to negotiate for contracts if your interest.

Our price policy is different according to the contract. For Guarantee contract we provide much cheaper prices than the Allotment Contracts. Till now for the summer we only have sign Guarantee.

Thanks for the opportunity to provide you information’s about our company.
Prices and some issue of the services can be negotiate if your interest to corporate with Us.